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Summary0000326: OnOverlap does not fire when characters stop overlapping

Related to issue 0000310

The change to OnOverlap is good and is definitely helpful for what I'm trying to do. I noticed that Ukadoc says that it should be possible to detect when characters are no longer overlapping by checking the contents of reference1, which I'm guessing means it's supposed to fire when characters stop overlapping as well. (I am running Ukadoc through machine translation though, so my information might not be fully accurate.) In my testing, OnOverlap only seems to fire when at least one pair of characters is overlapping, which prevents me from using reference1 to tell if the characters are no longer overlapping.
I think this may have been true in previous versions as well, but I didn't realize it then...

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related to 0000310 closedponapalt Give OnMouseDragEnd a reference value for if the sakura and kero are overlapping 



2021-10-17 09:55

administrator   ~0000833

Last edited: 2021-10-17 10:03

Reference0: current overlap status
Reference1: previous overlap status (overlap status 1 step before)

So, if you want to catch events when \0 and \1 windows are separated (not overlapped), check "0-1" string exist in Reference1, and not exist in Reference0. In my testing, above concept still valid after issue 310 is fixed.

OnOverlap event may fire when overlapping status is changed, so it may fire when overlapping pairs count changed from 1 to 0 or 0 to 1.
That's why this event occured at least 1 pair is ovelapping or overlapped.


2021-10-17 10:51

reporter   ~0000834

This is very strange, the event seems to be working properly for me now, even though I swear when I reported this it was not firing when the characters stopped overlapping. Either I completely misread the output from Tama when I was debugging, or restarting my computer a second time (even though it had just been restarted when I reported) fixed it.

Either way, my apologies; this issue can be closed. If this happens to me again, I'll see if I can gather any further info to report...


2021-10-18 12:56

administrator   ~0000838


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