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Summary0000319: Allow ValueNotify to use \![notifyother]
DescriptionThe addition of ValueNotify is great! I wonder if we might be able to allow notify commands from it?
My music player ghost uses notifyother to broadcast to all open ghosts what song it is currently playing. This isn't a terribly important feature, but if it is not difficult for you to implement then it would be useful.
(I feel like there might be another way to do this already that I'm forgetting about... I apologize if this is a silly request)
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2021-10-12 23:14

reporter   ~0000801

I am not the originator of this question but I would also like ValueNotify to support \\![open,file], my ghost allows users to define some timed tasks so this is important to me


2021-10-13 10:09

administrator   ~0000802

(plan to implement next version)


2021-10-14 14:53

administrator   ~0000821


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