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Fixed in Version2.5 (リリース) 
Summary0000309: Behavior of zip files downloaded in network update has changed
DescriptionI'm unsure if this was an intentional change or not, I don't recall seeing anything about it in the changelogs.
In previous versions of SSP, downloading a zip file through a network update would cause the contents to be unzipped in the ghost/master/ directory.
Now, when a zip file is downloaded, the contents unzip in the ghost/ directory.
This distinction is important, because for some sites that you can host a network update, trying to download a file type like a .dll will result in a 403 error. This can be bypassed by putting the .dll in a zip file and letting SSP unzip it as part of the update.
I'm not sure exactly what version changed this behavior, I tested with 2.5.12 and was able to confirm that the original behavior happens on that version.
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2021-10-06 08:01

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reproduced, to be fixed next ver.


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