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Summary0000303: How to trigger other_homeurl_override?
DescriptionI initially tried using \![update,shell] to update the current shell and try to redirect the homeurl via other_homeurl_override, but I failed
I then looked through the documentation and found that I should probably have used \![updateother], so I used \![updateother,--shell=%(shellID)] to test, but still no other_homeurl_override related logs appear in tama
I don't know what the problem is

yaya code:
    if !reference4 && reference0 == 'shell'
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2021-10-03 09:13

reporter   ~0000754

Incidentally, all of these shells don't have homeurl in the txt, which could be the cause of this problem.
As well, I think after we have other_homeurl_override, if there is no homeurl in the txt, but other_homeurl_override returns something, the user should have the option to update it in the explorer.


2021-10-04 21:32

administrator   ~0000758

Currently, SSP don't call other_homeurl_override when descript.txt homeurl is empty.
I'll fix it and SSP will call other_homeurl_override whether or not homeurl is set in descript.txt


2021-10-06 08:14

administrator   ~0000771


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