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Summary0000291: Add a sakurascript and a button in the owner draw menu to view terms.txt again
DescriptionWe can view the readme through the owner draw menu or with \![open,readme], I think it would be helpful to be able to view terms.txt again. I oftentimes forget the exact details in these things and want to check again... It might also be helpful for ghosts that are already released that want to add a terms.txt, so they could open it after updating.
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2021-09-29 07:53

reporter   ~0000723

I am not the original author of this issue but terms.txt's
My idea was to give ssp notification of updates to terms.txt: once ghost adds or updates this file, the user must accept the new terms
Of course it would be useful to have a corresponding sakura script or something...


2021-10-02 16:11

administrator   ~0000742


I don't agree with the specification to automatically display a dialog when terms.txt is updated.
Specifications that **annoy the user** should be minimized.

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