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Summary0000289: saori "ayc coder" dosn't work
DescriptionI wrote a saori for taromati2 to handle some dictionary-related operations, but for some reason the saori has not been working for the last few days: when I recompile the saori and fix it, it works for a few hours, and then after a few hours it doesn't work again
I would like to know what could be the cause of this? At the moment this saori is only designed for taromati2, but if it doesn't work as a saori I will consider setting it up as a less difficult exe
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2021-09-26 15:22

administrator   ~0000711

According to my experience, such phenomena are often caused by the "undefined behavior" of C++.
This means that there is a bug in the code somewhere.

There is no way to investigate where the bug is, but if it is less likely to happen if you use an EXE instead of a DLL, then you should do so.
Even if there is no bug, DLLs cause unnecessary memory space pollution.

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