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Summary0000287: \j and \![open,browser] commands only accept 4000 characters
Description...This sounds a bit ridiculous to complain about, doesn't it? Haha.
I recently released a beta version of my ghost that translates other ghosts, and one of the issues that has come up is that longer dialogues can't be sent to the online translators because they go over the character limit.
If it's not possible to raise this limit, I've thought of some workarounds that I can use instead.
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2021-09-25 18:02

administrator   ~0000699

I'll raise this limit to 64KB, but this problem may caused by not only SSP side but also browser limit and server limit.
Use caution with sending long "GET" URL parameter.


2021-09-25 18:33

reporter   ~0000705

I think the limit doesn't need to be much higher to allow most dialogues. I will do more testing and see where I can set the limit in the ghost, and anything that's too long I'll break into multiple requests. Thank you for your help with this issue.


2021-09-28 21:58

administrator   ~0000715


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