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Summary0000286: Allow OnSoundStop to be called as GET while ghost is minimized
DescriptionThis might not be possible, if not please ignore this.
I've made a ghost that plays music, and some of my users have pointed out that it isn't able to play the next song while it's minimized. I noticed that OnSoundStop still happens while minimized, but it's called as NOTIFY, so my ghost can't start the next song with sakurascript. If it's possible to change this, I think it would be very beneficial to ghosts with music players. If not, I'll add a note to my ghost to say that it can't play music while minimized.
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2021-09-23 17:34

reporter   ~0000695

I take it you are the author of FLUX?
It's not just FLUX, Taromati2 suffers from this too
However, I think triggering OnSoundStop as a Get when minimizing would lead to some ghost incompatibilities and would be too cumbersome to implement
My suggestion would be to append a new event OnSoundStop.minimizing(or other) and process the result of the get as the path to the next file to be played, ignoring it when the return value is null
Also, when ghost handled OnSoundStop.minimizing, the OnSoundStop event is not fired


2021-09-25 18:16

administrator   ~0000701

It's difficult problem.
When ghost is minimized, all script and animation engine is stopped, so we can't execute any command including sound tag.

I think we need exceptional (and ugly) specification to solve it, as 0000286:0000695 said.


2021-09-25 18:16

administrator   ~0000702

(status changed)


2021-09-26 13:52

reporter   ~0000710

I don't mind ugly specification if it adds this functionality. I know of multiple ghosts that are set up to play music, and I think this would be a great benefit to them.


2021-10-12 09:17

administrator   ~0000789

next version : ValueNotify header implementation

This is preliminary specification and subject to change, because unpredictable side effect may occur.


2021-10-12 13:02

administrator   ~0000797

ValueNotify Response Header : this specification is experimental.

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