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Summary0000284: improve the specification
DescriptionWhen I was building yatama I ran into a problem: as far as I know there is no way for external programs to know what ghosts are currently available
Also the sstp sender cannot decide which ghost is harvesting the sstp
So I'd like to improve the specification in this area
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2021-09-18 12:05

reporter   ~0000683

This is my current draft
Charset: UTF-8
Sender: text
Command: GetGhostInfo

SSTP/1.0 200 OK
Reference0: ghost_name1
Reference1: ghost_name2
ghost_name1_path: xxxxx
ghost_name1_icon_path: xxxxx
ghost_name1_hwnd: xxxxx
ghost_name2_path: xxxxx
ghost_name2_icon_path: xxxxx
ghost_name2_hwnd: xxxxx

and for any SSTP:
ToGhost: ghost_name


2021-09-18 12:16

reporter   ~0000684

an add for convenient:

Charset: UTF-8
Sender: text
Command: GetGhostInfo

SSTP/1.0 200 OK
ghost_num: 2


2021-09-21 21:36

administrator   ~0000690

Please check this document.

It's old specification based on other ukagaka software.


2021-09-23 17:52

reporter   ~0000697

for any SSTP:
ToGhost: ghost_name

I think this feature needs to be implemented
Of course I'm not in a hurry, yatama is currently stuck, so feel free to do as you please, this can be given the lowest priority


2021-09-25 18:10

administrator   ~0000700

Please use IfGhost header instead.
Below is old document (and invalid TLS warning due to server problem) but still valid.


2021-09-25 19:26

reporter   ~0000706

Is there a problem with my understanding? In my understanding IfGhost only assigns a conversation to a specific ghost, it does not allow only a specific ghost to receive this sstp


2021-09-25 20:07

administrator   ~0000707

If you want to send event or other SSTP commands to specific ghost, DirectSSTP with FMO is 1st choice.
You can target ghost freely using HWND, because FMO hwnd = \0 window of ghost, and SSP can select target ghost easily using HWND information.

If you can't use DirectSSTP (WM_COPYDATA) and using socket SSTP only, SSP can still reroute SSTP target automatically when IfGhost header exists. But this mechanism is not stable method.


2021-09-25 21:19

reporter   ~0000708

Thank you!
I think this issue can be closed, I'll try to implement FMO and DirectSSTP related wrappers after I'm done with some realistic and extremely annoying things


2021-09-25 21:52

administrator   ~0000709


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