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Summary0000280: allow charset to be set separately for each ghost

There are still some ghost seemingly automatic charset detection that does not work: some appear in ghost name and author name, and some appear in updated files
So I think this might be better

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2021-09-17 17:08

administrator   ~0000679

I want to refine charset auto detection before adding manual config. Please tell me problematic ghosts.


2021-09-17 17:48

reporter   ~0000680

I think these ghosts are just special names: in the shiftJIS character set they are meaningful Japanese, and in the Chinese character set they also happen to be Chinese that displays properly, just meaningless(草)
So I don't think this kind of problem can be avoided by automatic charset detection: software like notepad++ needs to specify the charset manually when this happens.


2021-09-17 17:52

reporter   ~0000681

shiftJIS character set:
craftmanw,緋龍華 麒麟

Chinese character set:
craftmanw,旉棿壺 阨椯


2021-10-19 13:51

administrator   ~0000846

Current SSP has improved character set detection. Are you still having problem?

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