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Summary0000271: absolute changes with balloonwait tag
DescriptionSorry for sending in so many reports about this. I think it would be good to have the option to make absolute changes with the balloonwait tag as well. One of the things I want my ghost to do is parse lrc files to sing along with music, but one of the issues I've run into is that each lyric takes longer to type than it does to play in the song, causing it to be cut off. I can somewhat mitigate this with a relative change, but with an absolute change I can guarantee that the text will be read out at the speed I want. Maybe it could be written like this? \![set,balloonwait,100ms] Or \![set,balloonwait,100,--option=absolute]

Thank you for your work on this; even if you don't add an option for absolute timing, the balloonwait tag is still very helpful for me and I appreciate it a lot
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2021-09-09 08:25

administrator   ~0000653

2.5.24 : please try \\![set,balloonwait,100ms]

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