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Summary0000260: Some homeurls cannot be used, although the browser can access the files normally
DescriptionWell, I'm happy to create a lot of updated mirrors for my ghost recently
But I found that some update mirrors can't be used, although you can normally access the files through your browser
like "" , you can't use it to update ghost, but you can download ""
There are also a another mirror with this problem ""

I don't know if this is SSP's problem. Maybe it's just that these websites have a lot of jumps?

and I don't really care if this issue can be fixed(you know, it's just mirrors), I just think this may cause trouble to other ghost Deployers, so a fix will be nice
sorry to bother you and I'm not in a hurry
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2021-08-31 20:36

reporter   ~0000630

And I have hundred million's curiosity:
updates.txt in the ghost\master are exactly the same as the updates.txt in the ghost root directory
What does it mean?


2021-09-01 14:18

administrator   ~0000633

I'll check it.
updates.txt in the ghost\master is just for compatibility.


2021-09-01 23:37

reporter   ~0000634



2021-09-03 15:59

administrator   ~0000636

2.5.22 Fixed

- return 403 for specific file. This behavior is same as browser access, so it's not SSP problem.
- return 404 when not login, so I can't test it.


2021-09-09 01:08

reporter   ~0000651

I have a problem using this homeurl:
When updating the file, the MD5 of the following file is incorrect, but the correct file can be downloaded from the browser:

still, sorry to bother you and I'm not in a hurry


2022-01-11 13:25

administrator   ~0001048

I've tested with current Taromati2 stable-mirror, and found Gobang.dic is OK but error caused by Speech_Recognition.vbs file.
I think that there is a possibility that is doing some kind of filtering process, so download error occured.
I think it's not SSP problem.


2022-01-12 02:10

reporter   ~0001050

Thanks for the test, I have changed the default mirror for Taromati2
Please close this issue
By the way, I fixed a small bug in yaya and added a couple of error messages, which I'll mention here in case you didn't see them


2022-01-12 05:31

administrator   ~0001051


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