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Summary0000259: Can't use string expansion to call functions in dic files loaded with DICLOAD

When loading a dic file, functions in that dic file can't be called with embedded strings %()
It is still possible to run these functions through script input, but they don't return anything when displayed normally by the ghost.
It is also possible to run these functions with an embed tag, which is a decent workaround.

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2021-08-31 10:14


dicload_test_v2.nar (512,866 bytes)


2021-08-31 10:53

administrator   ~0000625

When loading main.dic, YAYA can't find OnExtraTalk function, so %(OnExtraTalk) is replaced to empty string.
%(value) can't process functions/values dynamically. It's evaluated statically.

But there is a loophole : how about using EVAL ?


2021-08-31 12:02

reporter   ~0000626

Ah, I understand now.
Yes, using EVAL makes it work as I wanted. I used a method similar to the one described on this page:
I think I can make this work, it's a better workaround than using embed tags. Thanks!
I wonder if this information should be listed on the page for the DICLOAD function?


2021-08-31 12:33

administrator   ~0000629


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