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Summary0000229: Shortcut Key for Balloon Scaling Option inconsistent between languages
DescriptionI'm currently working on a Language pack for SSP and I noticed that the Balloon Scaling option in the right-click menu seems to use the (F) key in Japanese and the (E) key in English.
This seemed like weird inconsistency to me and I wanted to make sure that this is intentional.
This could also be an opportunity to give this option it's own shortcut key since both (F) and (E) seem to already be in use.
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2021-08-17 13:14

administrator   ~0000561

Both are wrong. I've assigned "D" for balloon scaling option right now.
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lacherir_tatefuda.png (112,434 bytes)   


2021-08-17 14:20

administrator   ~0000562


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