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Summary0000206: Readme files display improperly depending on the locale of the computer
DescriptionI'm not actually sure if this is due to the charset or not. Here is what I have observed:

If I open the readme of a japanese ghost while my locale is not set to Japan, the entire file (encoded as SHIFT-JIS) is unreadable. If I use locale emulator to run SSP in Japan, the text looks normal.

However, I have also been working with translators to create multilingual ghosts, and despite being encoded as UTF-8, some of the characters are still unreadable. I will attach an example. The text should read English - Polski - Français - Русский - Deutsch

I think this is important for users that want to use ghosts in other languages and have to run the readme through a translator, as well as ghosts that are made for more than one language.
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2021-07-01 17:06

reporter   ~0000452

I'm steve02081504
This is not a problem with ssp. This is because ghost itself does not set the correct charset in the description.txt, install.txt, or Shiori configuration files
As for the readme file, I suggest you convert it to ‘utf8 with BOM’, which will be displayed normally on any computer
If you need to edit garbled text files, I recommend Notepad + +, which can automatically infer the encoding of the text and switch to other encoding with a click
If you need batch file transcoder, please contact me. I have Chinese language tools here


2021-08-13 17:20

administrator   ~0000525

SSP 2.5.10

- Default character set configuration added in "International" dialog.
- "readme.charset" added in descript.txt (Ghost/Shell/Balloon/Headline/Plugin)

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