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Fixed in Version2.4 (リリース) 
Summary0000157: Notification sounds when a ghost speaks trigger OnSoundStop
DescriptionI'm unsure if this behavior is intended or not. In preferences you can set a sound to play when a script starts, and that sound ending will trigger OnSoundStop. I made a ghost that uses sakurascript commands to play music, and for users that have notification sounds on, this makes it very difficult to use because every single script causes the song to change.
If this is an intended behavior, would it be possible to add a new reference value that indicates if it was or was not a notification sound? Knowing the source of the sound would help greatly and make the function more useful
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2021-05-19 13:53

administrator   ~0000339

2.4.99 FIXED
OnSoundStop should trigger *only* \![sound] tag, so this behavior is not intended.

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