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Summary0000100: Language menu messed up.

SSP menu is in japanese, which didn't bother me much in the past but now that i'm planning to create my own ghost, i need it to be in english, when i click on the menu then languages, it only shows japanese and system lang, i looked into the files of SSP and it does have english, it just wont let me access it from the menu, which is quite troublesome, ive tried many different ways on fixing and absolutely nothing happens.



2020-07-19 05:23


help.png (200,407 bytes)   
help.png (200,407 bytes)   


2020-07-21 20:39

reporter   ~0000201

unpack this to ssp/data/language and restart ssp
ps:i'm not ponapalt so i can't close this track.

english.7z (19,613 bytes)


2020-07-26 15:26

administrator   ~0000202

Please install complete package from website.
I think language files are too old or broken.

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